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Kutchi Language

Kachchhi (also spelt Cutchi,Kutchhi or Kachchhi) (Devnagari,Sanskrit : कच्छी , Urdu: کچھی) is an Indo Aryan Language spoken primarily in the Kutch region of India (western) which is located between Sindh and Gujarat. Kachchhi is spoken by more than 11 million (1 crore 10 lakh) speakers worldwide(India, Pakistan, Africa, UK, US, ….). It is a clear dialect of Sindhi and often improperly referred to as a dialect of Gujarati. Kachchhi is much like Sindhi in almost all its grammar and most vocabulary. It is a unique language in itself especially in the way it is spoken and has many common words from Punjabi and Marwari(Rajasthan) as well.

It is spoken by the Kutchi people specifically, these are the Rajputs Jadeja, Bhanushalis, Lohanas,Brahmins (Rajgor Gnayathy : Bhuj), Megvals, Visa Oswal and Dasa Osval (Oshwal) Jains, followers of satpanth, Bhatias, Rabaris and various Muslim communities in the region, including the Muslim Khojas and Kutchi Memons.

Closely related languages

Kachhi is related to Sindhi, spoken in neighboring Sindh, Pakistan and parts of India. It is also mildly related to Gujarati since Kutchh is located in between Sindh and Gujarat.

Kachhi (Kutchi) is often thought to be a mixture of mostly Sindhi, some Rajasthani(Marwari), Gujarati, Punjabi and Rajasthani. Its lexical content shows the very large extent to which the language is a complex combination of Sindhi and some Rajasthani(Marwari), Gujarati, Punjabi although it has its unique traits as well.

It is likely that such linguistic similarities are the result of migrations over the centuries across the desert stretching from present-day Sindh to Saurashtra and Kutchh to the east, and Rajasthan.

Most Kachhis living in India are bilingual or trilingual, due to exposure to neighbouring languages such as Gujarati. While those in Pakistan are also bilingual or trilingual, due to exposure to closely-related neighbouring languages such as Sindhi. Kutchi is also written in Urdu script in Pakistan and is spoken in parts of Karachi.