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Posts on ‘August 11th, 2009’

Kutch by Road ! An Exciting Drive Through the Native Culture and Traditions

Why Kutch? people asked me.
Why not Kutch I said. I am glad I did.

Kutch is synonymous with parched land and destruction due to the earthquakes. On closer look you realize that it is a living museum – a riot of colours, where stitches weave into exquisite embroidery and a lot more.

Google Kutch, specifically Bhuj, and the results would be both brief and unreliable. Luckily for us, one of our friends had a skeletal itinerary from their trip. Taking that as a guide, we headed out to explore this last frontier in our five-day road trip.

Reaching there

We drove down to Bhuj from Jamnagar, stopping at a pure vegetarian hotel for a piping hot lunch of typical Gujarati fare. The 8-hour drive is brightened by several bridges, water bodies, windmills, thorn bushes and nomads. Bhuj is the largest city in Kutch and is well connected to major Indian cities by railways. The closest airport is Jamnagar airport which has daily flights to Mumbai.