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Kutchi Folk DBKVO 2012

कच्छ जा माडु

Sindhi Kachchhi TV intro video

Sindhi Kachchhi TV jo intro video . We should be expecting different types of TV programs in our Kachchhi bhasha soon.

From the youtube post :
Sindhi Kachchhi Television is the only and the first TV channel of India, relaying from Adipur/Gandhidham , Kachchh all over Asia.
Can contact for further details +91 2836 260645

Kutch ja Madu

Kachchh ja madu Lokgeet performed by patidar samaj kampala(uganda)on diwali samelan

Kutchi Humor :) !

Kachchhi TV Channel starts Dec 2009 !

Good News for all Kutchis including Kachchhi Artists and Actors. Adipur based S K Entertainment Corporation Ltd will be starting a TV Channel dedicated to Kachchhi and Sindhi Language Programs .  The channel is scheduled to go live in December first week of 2009. For more details :


Tarak Metha Ka Ulta Chasma

Humorous and Entertaining episode aay

Welcome !

Kein Aayo !  Welcome all Kutchis (Kachchhis, Kachhis) to Kutchi Maadu , where you are free to discuss, Blog your thoughts and share information on any topic you choose.

Jai Kachchh !
Jai Ashapura Mataji !

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