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Kachchh Rann Utsav : Kachchh nahi dekha to kuch nahi dekha

कच्छ रण उत्सव २०१२ ने सफेद रण जा फोटो

Kutch Rann Utsav

Kutch Rann Utsav 2012

वडो फोटो नॅरेला फोटोते क्लिक कर्यॉ

कच्छ जा सिक्का

कच्छजे इतिहास काल मे जे सिक्का वापरेमे अचींधावा हनमेजा अमुक नीचे डनेला अईं :

Kutch Quiz 2

Refresh and test your knowledge about Kutch .
For Kutch Quiz 1 : click Kutch Quiz 1

(scroll down for correct answers)

1. Which Kutchi writer has written the famous Kutchi patriotic song ‘Munjhi Matrubhoomi Ke Naman’

a. Narayan Joshi
b. Mahatma Niranjan
c. Madhav Joshi
d. Kavi Tej

2. Which of the below birds are found in Kutch

a. Chestnut bellied Sandgrouse
b. Steppe Eagle
c. Eurasian Marsh Harrier
d. Eurasian Spoonbill

3.Which month is the Hajipir Fair in Kutch celebrated

a. September
b. August
c. April
d. January


Kachchh Festivals and Fairs

The Kutch Mahotsav(Kutch Utsav , Rann Utsav) :

The Kutch Mahotsav aptly called the ‘Mahotsav’ (great festival) is a guided tour of the life and times of Kutch, its beauty, nostalgia, ethos, traditions and culture. Kachchh Mahotsav exemplifies the mosaic of colours filled by local people with enthusiasm, great hospitality and spirit of celebration. The three-day extravaganza is filled with music, dance, pageantry and carnival procession. It is not only a festival but an opportunity for the visitor to know the local people and the endogenous culture. Dhola Vira’s archaeological ruins and the rural fair at Dhrang completes a rich insight into Kutch, its colourful people, historic towns and remarkable handicrafts.

For more info on Kutch Utsav : visit www.kutchfestivals.com

Fair of “Mota Yaksh”

Learn Kutchi Online!

Recently came across a good Kutchi Web site with lot of Information about Kutchi Language and Grammer with Translation from Kutchi To English and English to Kutchi. The web site url is http://www.kutchilanguageonline.org.

It should be be helpful to Overseas Kutchis who wish to Learn Kutchi or improve their Kachchhi vocabulary .

Kutch Rann Utsav 2009!

कच्च्छ झि पंज हज़ार वरें झि संस्कृति झो दर्शन एटले कच्छ रंण उत्सव १, २ , ३ डिसेंबर झो आयोजान के में आयो .

वधू डीटेल्स ला करे :



Kachchhi TV Channel starts Dec 2009 !

Good News for all Kutchis including Kachchhi Artists and Actors. Adipur based S K Entertainment Corporation Ltd will be starting a TV Channel dedicated to Kachchhi and Sindhi Language Programs .  The channel is scheduled to go live in December first week of 2009. For more details :


Birds of Kachchh(Kutch)











Kachchh(Kutch) mein gadein madey alag jhat jha pakshi aein . Maliney 370 jhat jha pakshi kachch mein malentah. 


Kutch Quiz

Refresh and test your knowledge about Kutch
(scroll down for correct answers)

1. What is the meaning of Kutch

a. Kachhua (tortoise) shaped
b. (land) Which becomes intermittently dry and wet
c. Salt Land
d. Island

2. Which of the below is not a city or town in Kutch

a. Bhuj
b. Gandhidham
c. Anjhar
d. Rajkot

3.Which of the following birds are famous for their migration to Rann of Kutch

a. Peacocks
b. Lesser Flamingos
c. Pigeons
d. Sparrows