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Kutch Quiz 2

Refresh and test your knowledge about Kutch .
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1. Which Kutchi writer has written the famous Kutchi patriotic song ‘Munjhi Matrubhoomi Ke Naman’

a. Narayan Joshi
b. Mahatma Niranjan
c. Madhav Joshi
d. Kavi Tej

2. Which of the below birds are found in Kutch

a. Chestnut bellied Sandgrouse
b. Steppe Eagle
c. Eurasian Marsh Harrier
d. Eurasian Spoonbill

3.Which month is the Hajipir Fair in Kutch celebrated

a. September
b. August
c. April
d. January

4. Which Kutchi King established the city of Bhuj in 1548 AD

a. Rao Madansinghji
b. Rao Khengarji I
c. Rao Pragmalji
d. Rao Lakhpatji

5. Which Kutchi Ruler constructed three famous royal palaces in Kutch , Prag Mahal and Ranjit Vilas Palace at Bhuj and Vijay Vilas Palace at Mandvi

a. Rao Bharmalji
b. Rao Madanji
c. Rao Pragmalji II
d. Jam Lakho

6. Which famous Kutchi Musician started and popularised Disco Dandia all over India and the world. Hint : He is also known for his contribution to Music in numerous superhit hindi films in songs like ‘Khaike paan Banaraswala…’ (Don), ‘Laila o Laila…’ (Qurbani) and is the younger brother of Music duo Kalyanjibhai and Anandjibhai

a. Viju Shah
b. Babla
c. Himesh Reshammiya
d. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

7. Sort the below languages in the order in which they are closest to Kutchi Language

a. Gujarati
b. Memoni
c. Sindhi
d. Punjabi

8. What does the popular Kutchi phrase “Panjo Kutch” mean

a. Your Kutch
b. My Kutch
c. Our Kutch
d. Great Kutch

9. Which of the below cities in Kutch are located on the coast

a. Bhoj (Bhuj)
b. Gandhidham
c. Madai (Mandvi)
d. Mundra

10. Which of the below colleges in Mumbai have been founded by Kutchis and provided quality education in diverse fields to thousands of students with hundreds of teaching faculty and excellent facilities

a. Khalsa College
b. Ruparel college
c. K. J. Somaiya College and Somaiya Trust
d. Shah and Anchor Engineering College

11. What day is Kutchi New Year celeberated

a. Dussehra
b. Asadhi Beej
c. Labh Pacham
d. Hindu New Year

12. What is the traditional Kutch food

a. Wheat roti, Biryani
b. Makki Ki Roti , Sarson ka Saag
c. Bajar jhi Maani, Gowar jo Saag and Khichdi
d. Lachhedar Paratha and Besan ki Missi Puri

13. What is the appoximate total area of Greater Rann Of Kutch and Little Rann of Kutch

a. 2000 to 5000 sq km
b. 12000 to 15000 sq km
c. 1000 to 2000 sq km
d. 5000 to 8000 sq km

14. Which is the largest under construction thermal power plant in India with a total designed capacity of 4000 Mw   

a. Adani Power ,Mundra, Kutch 
b. Tata Power , Mundra , Kutch
c. Dahanu,Maharashtra
d. Chandrapoor, Maharashtra

15. From below list which is a pure Kutchi sweet and prepared from Sugar, Maida & Ghee

a. Mesuk
b. Odadia pak
c. Sata (Sato)
d. Sonpapdi


1. b

2. a,b,c

3. c

4. b

5. c

6. b

7. b, c , a d

8. c

9. c and d

10. c and d

11. b

12. c

13. b

14. b

15. c


  1. solanki urmi says:


  2. Jay says:

    Some of the highlights of Maharajadhiraj Maharao Sri Khengarji III during his reign and attributes :-

    1.Giving finishing touches to Prag Mahal in 1878-79, which was commissioned by his father Maharao Pragmalji in 1865-66.
    2.The Fergusson Museum, now known as the Kutch Museum, was founded by him in 1877 AD to house the numerous wedding gifts he received. It is the oldest museum in Gujarat.[5]
    3.Promotion of Cutch State Railway, a narrow gauge line owned & managed by Princely State of Cutch. The laying of railway tracks between Tuna Port and Anjar started in 1900-01. Ostensibly the inaugural train carried the baraat (marriage entourage) of Yuvraj Vijayrajji. First train ran in year 1905. The line was extended to Bhuj from Anjar in 1908 and later to Bhimasar, Bhachau & Kandla.[6][7]
    4.Ordered renovation of Suralbhit Jadeshwar Temple near Bhuj in 1914. Renovation work done by Mistris of Madhapar[8]
    5.Sanctioned the Haji Pir (near Nara) Dargah complex in the Rann.
    6.Introduced Kutch into the Electricity, Automobile and Aviation era, but preferred to keep his personal apartment at the Pragmahal Palace unelectrified.
    7.In 1930 he personally identified & selected the location for new port of Kandla.[9][10] The Cutch State Railway lines were extended from Anjar to Kandla.[11][7]
    8.Opening up of various state funded Schools & educational institutions, like Sanskrit Pathshala, Alfred High School, Library in Princely State of Kutch.[12]
    9.Built public Hospitals at Bhuj and Mandvi.
    10.Commissioned in 1940 Darya Mahal, his monumental residence in Mumbai.
    11.Throughout 66 years of his reign kept inflation in tight check.
    12.Interacted with Indian stalwarts, Swami Vivekanand, Mahatma Gandhi, Dadabhoy Naoroji.
    13.Rare occurance – saw five generation of Maharaos from Pragmulji II to Pragmulji III.
    14.Acknowledged as one of the finest rifle shots of his times.
    15.Keen judge of horses.

    References : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khengarji_III

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