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Kutch Quiz

Refresh and test your knowledge about Kutch
(scroll down for correct answers)

1. What is the meaning of Kutch

a. Kachhua (tortoise) shaped
b. (land) Which becomes intermittently dry and wet
c. Salt Land
d. Island

2. Which of the below is not a city or town in Kutch

a. Bhuj
b. Gandhidham
c. Anjhar
d. Rajkot

3.Which of the following birds are famous for their migration to Rann of Kutch

a. Peacocks
b. Lesser Flamingos
c. Pigeons
d. Sparrows

4. Which of the below is the biggest port in Kutch

a. Madai (Mandvi) port
b. Jakhau port 
c. Mundra port
d. Kandla port

5. Which is of the following are forms of Kutchi Artwork

a. Tie Dye (Bandhini)
b. Ajrakh printing
c. Tanjore painting
d. Kutchi Bharat

6. Who of the below prominent freedom fighters were from kutch

a. Lal Bahadur Shastri
b. Krantiguru Shyamji Krishna Verma
c. Mahatma Gandhi
d. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

7. Who of the below musicians from Hindi film industry are from Kutch

a. Laxmikant Pyarelal
b. Viju Shah
c. Kalyanjibhai Anandjibhai
d. Anu Malik

8. Which of the following communities are from kutch

a. Rabaris
b. Bhils
c. Bhanushalis
d. Jadejas

9. How much is the average annual rainfall in Kutch

a. 40 to 60 inches
b. 20 to 40 inches
c. 1 to 3 inches
d. 5 to 14 inches

10. Which of the below fairs are from kutch

a. Kachchh Mahotsava
b. Bhadra Purnima
c. Shamlaji Melo
d. Ramdevpir fair

11. Which of the below are historical monuments in Kutch

a. Vijay Villas Palace
b. Rao Lakhpatjis Chhatri
c. Rao Pragmaljis Palace
d. Kumbhalgarh Fort

12. Which of the below is an ancient site belonging to the Harrapan Civilisation (Indus valley civilisation) in Kutch

a. Harappa
b. Ajanta Ellora
c. Dholavira
d. Lothal

13. Which of the minerals are found in Kutch

a. Iron ore
b. Bauxite
c. Lignite
d. Sandstone

14. Which of the below are the prominent religious places in Kutch

a. Mata jho Madh (Ashapura Mataji)
b. 72 Jinalayas Madai (Mandvi)
c. Somnath Mandir
d. Narayan Sarovar

15. How is Kutch district ranked in terms of area compared to rest of districts in india

a. Third Largest in India
b. Second largest
c. Largest
d. Fifth largest



 1.  b

 2. d

 3. b

 4. d

 5. a , b and  d

 6. b

 7. b and c

 8. a, c and d

 9. d

10.  a and d  

11. a, b and c  

12. c

13. b,c and d

14.  a,b and d

15. b


  1. jignesh says:

    kutch is the largest district of india and not the second largest

  2. Qamar Bikak says:

    Kutch je boli huje , wess huje, raag huje , bharat huje, shadi muraadi ja saat sonr hujan , sabhni ma mukhy sindh g khushboo thi achy, kutch ain sindh zameen j lehaaz see bhalay alag hujan par khameer hik ee ahe, assa ja raag b sagya ahen ta saaz bi, asaa ja raaj b saagya ahen ta rawaaj bhi, Allah sain Kutch ain Kutchin (Sindhin) khy hamesha aabad rakhay.

  3. sachin says:

    Kachchh je bare mein saari jankari aay hen documentary mein
    Informative documentary about various aspects of Kachchh



  4. Do you have any information or pictures related to Kutchi “RANG DHODAL ART WORK”

    Medal awarded to Budhiben Gadhvi for Rang bhodal art work exhibition @BHUJ in 1959
    October 21, 2010 by kutchitihasparisad
    Budhiben Gadhvi received a medal for her excellent art work. She was very popular in Chakar and surrounding villages for her “Rang Bhodal art work” and that’s why she was selected to represent her art work in Bhuj-exhibition held in 1959. She died in 2003


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