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Kutchi Language

Kachchhi (also spelt Cutchi,Kutchhi or Kachchhi) (Devnagari,Sanskrit : कच्छी , Urdu: کچھی) is an Indo Aryan Language spoken primarily in the Kutch region of India (western) which is located between Sindh and Gujarat. Kachchhi is spoken by more than 11 million (1 crore 10 lakh) speakers worldwide(India, Pakistan, Africa, UK, US, ….). It is a clear dialect of Sindhi and often improperly referred to as a dialect of Gujarati. Kachchhi is much like Sindhi in almost all its grammar and most vocabulary. It is a unique language in itself especially in the way it is spoken and has many common words from Punjabi and Marwari(Rajasthan) as well.

It is spoken by the Kutchi people specifically, these are the Rajputs Jadeja, Bhanushalis, Lohanas,Brahmins (Rajgor Gnayathy : Bhuj), Megvals, Visa Oswal and Dasa Osval (Oshwal) Jains, followers of satpanth, Bhatias, Rabaris and various Muslim communities in the region, including the Muslim Khojas and Kutchi Memons.

Closely related languages

Kachhi is related to Sindhi, spoken in neighboring Sindh, Pakistan and parts of India. It is also mildly related to Gujarati since Kutchh is located in between Sindh and Gujarat.

Kachhi (Kutchi) is often thought to be a mixture of mostly Sindhi, some Rajasthani(Marwari), Gujarati, Punjabi and Rajasthani. Its lexical content shows the very large extent to which the language is a complex combination of Sindhi and some Rajasthani(Marwari), Gujarati, Punjabi although it has its unique traits as well.

It is likely that such linguistic similarities are the result of migrations over the centuries across the desert stretching from present-day Sindh to Saurashtra and Kutchh to the east, and Rajasthan.

Most Kachhis living in India are bilingual or trilingual, due to exposure to neighbouring languages such as Gujarati. While those in Pakistan are also bilingual or trilingual, due to exposure to closely-related neighbouring languages such as Sindhi. Kutchi is also written in Urdu script in Pakistan and is spoken in parts of Karachi.

Most common words

There are distinct regional accents and variations in grammar. As in many languages spoken along Asian trade routes, there is substantial borrowing from Persian and Arabic — words like “duniya” (world) and “naseeb” (fate), are routinely used by many speakers of Kachhi. Many Kachhi speakers also speak Sindhi and Gujarati as a separate language.

Some sample Kachchhi phrases:

Achija – bye bye (lit. do come again)
Koro nihaareto – what are you looking at?
Koro thiyoh – what happen?
Aain achota – અંઇ અચોતા – are you coming? (polite)
Koro kareyeinto – what are you doing?
Kuro karyota – કોરો કયો તા – what are you doing?(polite)
Kada vanota – કતે વનો તા – where are you going? (polite)
Kien ayo – કીં અયો – how are you? (polite)
Aien – You (polite)
Tun – You (informal)
Ganni acho (Bring it)
What – Koro
Who – Ker
Where – Kadaa (contrast with Sindhi “Kithe”) and Gujarati (Kyan)
Why – Korela/Kulai
When – Kada
How – Keen (n silent)

To give an indication of dialects and regional variations, the Sindhi question “Kithe vino ta?” (where are you going?) would be posed in Kutchhi as “Kadaa vano ta?”

Writing system
The Kachhchhi Script became extinct during the british era and efforts are on to revive and reinvent the Script. It is based on the Deonagari vowels, consonants and wedded to the principles of supremacy for the spoken sound style, and the subordination of the spellings to preserve the original Kachhchhi dialect, which is storing the original sound of thousands of years, due to the non-dependance on modified sound affected by the incomplete spectrum of the script available.
There is no new shape of vowel or a consonant or the vowel signs prevalent, but there certainly is a reorganisation. Field tests, have been satisfactorily carried out.

Recently Dr Rajul Shah an ayurvedic doctor, psychologist and a graphologist has revived and reinvented the Kutchi Script . Rajulbens script has received approval from the copyrights office in New Delhi. The next step is underway, which is to get the nod from the Central government which takes about eight months to come.

Her work has also won the favour of influential Kutchi communities such as the Shri Kutchi Dasha Oswal Jan Gnati Mahajan, Mumbai, Shree Mahavir Jain Charitra Kalyan, Ratnashram and Shree Kutchi Jan Sewa Samaj, Ahmedabad. For more details goto http://www.ahmedabadmirror.com/index.aspx?page=article&sectid=3&contentid=200907112009071103202225014550c50

Among others who have worked or working on Kutchi Script are Sheokumaar Ravji Jain(Mumbai), Visanji Nagda and Manilal Gala.

Currently Kachhi is normally written using a modified version of the Gujarāti script and Devnagari(Sanskrit) script. Many books and magazines are published the language using the modified Gujarāti script, including Vadhod (“Inquiry”). In earlier times it used to be written in Khojki script, which is now extinct. However efforts are currently being carried out revive the khojki script as well. (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=104058045844)

Koro – કોરો – What
Burr-a-buur – ભરોભર – Ok
Laat – લાટ – Nice
Khapey – ખપે – Want
Munke dE – મુકે ડે – Give (it to) me
Jaga – જગા – Place
BhOOkh -ભોખ – Hunger
KIdaa – કડા – where
HalyaN- હલ્યા – welcome
Maadu – માડુ – Man
Chhoro – છોરો – Boy
Naalo – નાલો – Name
KUtoo – કોત્તો- Dog
Bilaadee – મન્ની – Cat
Undar – કો – Rat
Undhurr – અંદર – In
Achija – અચીજા – Bye
As-an-jo – Our
Pann-jo – પાંજો – Our
Gal-yo – ગાલ્યું – Talk (as in ‘Talk is cheap’)
Dill – ધીલ – Heart
Choviaar – ચોવિયાર – Dinner before sunset
Jaman – Meal
kii ai-કિં અહિયે – How are you korocheto-

Famous Kutchi People

Pandit Shyamji Krishna Verma(Nakhua), prominent freedom fighter , founder of non cooperation movement and India House in London
Sant Shree Odhavraamji Maharaj (Guruji)
Sant Shree Valraam Maharaj (Guruji)
Kavi Duleray Karani
Freedom Fighter Gopaldas M.Purecha
Prominent freedom fighter Kakubhai Bhatia
Music director duo Kalyanjibhai and Anandjibhai
Harish Bhimani renowned voice-over artist, One of the Most Recognisable Voices of India
Fahmida Mirza, first female Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan

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  1. hemant thakkar says:

    Jenke Kutchi sekhni hoy muke contact karo

  2. hemant thakkar says:

    Jenke Kutchi sekhni aay muke contact karo

  3. Patel disa says:

    plssss frnds help me mane katchi sikhvu che pls pls hlp me..

  4. swapnil gulavani says:

    Hi my name is swapnil n i am form Kolhapur Maharashtra My reg. Lang. Is Marathi bt nw i wnt to learn kachi l.. If any body can help me thn plz mail me on my email id is swapnilgulavani3017@gmail.com tnx

  5. swapnil gulavani says:

    Hi my name is swapnil gulavani i m Marathi bt nw i wnt to learn kachi bhasha can any body help me if yes then plz mail me on my email plz ha y

  6. Razak Khatri says:

    Sohel khatri bha….
    Khatri ithas karachi pakistan me panja khatri bha jejo nalo KHATRI HAJI YUSUF PATEL aay . uniye panjo khatri ithas lagbhag1972 /73 je vare me likhya huaa .
    khatri itihas ja bo (2) bhag bhanel ainye
    pele bhag me khatriye jo iithas aay ane be bhag me khatri kom ja nami maduye jo parichay ane gam var hisabe rendhal parivare ji yadi aay
    aanke hin book khapdhi huve tobhuj mandvi mundra athva anjar ja vadil bhavre vatya mili saketo
    aav hin book ke vanchiyo ainya ane hi book panji khatri kom jo soneri dastavej aay.

  7. jadeja pruthvirajsinh says:

    Mare kutchi sikhvi che plsss help

  8. Jitendra Mehta says:

    If any body have old photos of Mahajanwadi situate was Tantanpur, Masjid Bunder, Mumbai:-400009
    Also photos of Narshi Natha Sabhagruha present situate at L.B.S.Road,Bhanduup -West, Mumbai.
    I request please email me as early as possible.
    –Jitendra Mehta

  9. amrut rabari says:

    Kachchhi bhasha khub mithi se pan lokone shikhva mate koi sahitya ane film hoyto janavsho.aabhar

  10. sohel says:

    bhai aou khatri aya. muke khatri itihas ji book khapeti . kada thi maldhi?!
    koike idea kharo!?

  11. Nirav K. Bhimani says:

    Jai Shri Krishna!

    I am Nirav Bhimani from Mumbai.. Kutch Mandvi (Madai) is my native place. I had the opportunity to visit Madai only once during my childhood when my grandfather Dr. Sursinh Bhimani was alive. I have been told since my childhood that the Kutchi language has no written script. And I refused to accept that even as a kid. How can such a beautiful language have no written script? How did Kutchi businessmen ever become so successful without any written communication in a language that was commonly understood by the community? There HAS TO BE a Kutchi script and I wish to meet anybody who is working on it and contribute my bit.

    I would also love to discover my roots back to Madai.. I have been told about the Bhimani Faliya which is now a commercial piece of real estate called Bhimani Tower. Does anybody here have any clue about it? Makey jankari khapey ti bass.

    I’m proud to have been born a Kutchi Bhatia. My grandmother being the daughter of the Tricumdas Dwarkadas family and my grandfather being a part of the Bhimani clan, I vow to keep the legacy alive through good deeds and in the larger interest of the community.

    I’d love to hear from anybody with any information pertaining to the Kutchi script or the Bhimani tower. Do drop me an email at niravbhimani@live.in

    Let us all be a proud Kutchi Madu!

    Lots of love and support.

    Nirav K. Bhimani

  12. Jay says:

    Saaro karya aay. Kachchhi yuva varg ke Kachchhi pop jaroor gamdho. Aein yuva Kutchi Kaviyen ke contact karyo. Thayi sageto enmeja aanke saaro Kutchi lyricist male.

    Asanji subhecha
    KutchiMaadu Team
    Panja Maadu Panji Kachchhi Panjo Kachchh

  13. Taiyabali Kamaal says:

    I am a singer/songwriter and have been miserably searching for a Kutchi lyricist to collaborate with me in a KUTCHI-POP album I am so keen on doing. I had such wonderful ideas about taking KUTCHI music to the world! Sadly not one person has contacted me with proper lyrics. And those who did really disappointed me with their work and attitudes. I am sad that there is no website specifically dedicated to KUTCHI lyricists. How I wish some one would come up with at least a net directory of about a 100 lyricists listed, musicians, singers could be included too, because how can the world get it touch with KUTCHI lyricists and song writers? Sad, sad, sad…
    Taiyabali Kamaal -9979-255-098

  14. disha. says:

    muke kutchi sikhejo aaye…plsss help me

  15. Tapan says:

    @Zubair bha:-

    “I Love You” ke kachchhi me “AAU TOKE PREM KARYETO” chyota.

  16. zubair says:

    How to say I love u in kutchi language???

  17. Natesh says:


    isn’t there a Kutchi – English Dictionary which one could use to build vocabulary?

  18. FAISAL IQBAL says:

    Mare katchi Maroo k munjho Salam, i am from karachi Pakistan, we use to talk in kutchi at home, my grand mother and my all ancestors are from “KUCH, MUMBAI, BUJH, i love to see all places of kutch, my grandmother wish to go again to kuch, i am requesting to my all kuchi brothers, pls share KUCHI MP3 COMEDY TO ME SPECIALLY “VILALEY JO VIAH”. I will keep in touch with this forum

  19. roay Bhatti says:

    mostly sindhis surname Kutchi (Samma, Soomro, Channa, Indar lot of). Kutchi aslo Sindhi no difference between. there 3 part Sindh upper Sindh Medium Sindh and lower Sindh, three prounciation utradi wacholy lari (Lari is Kutchi )

  20. Shailesh says:

    September 6, 2013 at 2:33 pm
    This website does not work…http://www.kutchilanguageonline.co.cc

    Please help with some good book or website or contact of teacher ….
    muke kutchi shikhani …madat karija…abhar (im learning….so please ignore mistakes and help me with learning…thanks in advance)

    I understand kutchi 50% for sure… But need to learn 100%

    Please email me at shailesh010711@gmail.com

  21. Shailesh says:

    This website does not work…http://www.kutchilanguageonline.co.cc

    Please help with some good book or website or contact of teacher ….
    muke kachi shikhani …I would like to learn kutchi… Abhar :-)

  22. Tapan says:

    Reply to TEJAL

    ◾revolutionary, lawyer, and journalist Pandit Shyamji Krishna Varma
    ◾Father of Kachhi poetry Shri Duleray Karani
    ◾Legendary Bollywood music directors Kalyanji Anandji
    ◾Famous voice over artist of India Harish Bhimani
    ◾Father of Gujarati poetry Pir Sadardin
    ◾Fahmida Mirza, first female Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan.
    ◾Leading industrialist Azim Premji
    ◾music director Viju Shah
    ◾His Highness the Aga Khan
    ◾36th Mayor of Calgary Naheed Nenshi
    ◾Bollywood director and producer Vipul Amrutlal Shah
    ◾Pakistani Playback singer Khursheed Nurali (Sheerazi)
    ◾Salim Merchant
    ◾Sulaiman Merchant
    ◾Shekhar from the music duo Vishal-Shekhar
    ◾Poet and Song Writer Aly Sunderji
    ◾International pop star Farahri
    ◾Music producers Irfaan & Mehboob Manji
    ◾Peace advocate Aziz Khaki
    ◾Developer of Sonique Al-Riaz Adatia
    ◾Professor Shafique Virani
    ◾Professor Azim Nanji
    ◾Ali S. Asani Professor of the Practice of Indo-Muslim Languages and Culture at Harvard University
    ◾Member of Parliament Mobina Jaffer
    ◾Founder of SalaamEl-Farouk Khaki
    ◾Director Ian Iqbal Rashid
    ◾Member of Provintial Parliament Murad Velshi
    ◾Lawyer Alykhan Velshi
    ◾CNN Broadcaster Ali Velshi
    ◾CTV Broadcaster Omar Sachedina
    ◾TSN[disambiguation needed] Broadcaster Nabil Karim
    ◾Pakistani artist Gulgee
    ◾Sculptor and jewelry designer Amin Gulgee
    ◾President & CEO of Serebra Taleeb Noormohamed
    ◾Host of 1 Girl 5 Gays & MTV host Aliya Jasmine Sovani
    ◾Music composer Amin Bhatia
    ◾Faisal Devji

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  24. Dear friends!

    A brand new and excellently produced, designed and written magazine is soon coming out exclusively for KDOs. Here I have print the link to its Facebook page. I request you all to check the link, like the page and also, stay tuned with it to know lots of information about KDOs! Thanks!!


  25. Tejal says:

    Are Dimple Kapadia and Jackie Shroff kutchi bhatias?

  26. midhun prasanth says:

    how to say”do u like me ?in kutchi

  27. Nadia says:

    Aua (pronounced aow) huda himathe neeya. Reply to gaurav.

  28. Gaurav says:

    How will i say ” I am not there on” in kutchi

  29. Jay says:

    Kachchh jo itihas ne sanskruti tah 5000 vare thi vadhare thi aay. Tah panji Kachchhi bhasha pa etri jhoni huni khape. Kachchhi bhasa Sindhi ji Bhen chovaje tah jedanu Sindhi bhasa thayi aay odanuj Kachchhi pa janam gade hune edo chai sagoh.

    Jai Kachchh!

    KutchiMaadu team
    Panja Maadu Panji Kachchhi Panjo Kachchh

  30. MANISH says:

    pl ans panji kutchi bhasha jo itihas katlo juno aay ane kai bhasha menathi panji bhasha ji utpati thai aay pl tel me

  31. piyush says:

    i want to learn katchi language

  32. sachin says:

    कच्छी मे ज़ीरो के लगभग “मिंढो” चोवाजे
    Kachchhi mein zero ke lagbagh “Mindho” chovaje.

  33. Khyati says:

    how is ’0′ called in kutchi

  34. Lorie says:

    Are there any resources for learning Kutchi? There was a link posted that did not work …

  35. Jose says:

    Interesting. It made me remember my early days at Kutch. Achija.. :)

  36. Many Many Congratulation for preparing this web and taken lots of succesfull efforts.

  37. Do you have any information or pictures related to Kutchi “RANG DHODAL ART WORK”

    Medal awarded to Budhiben Gadhvi for Rang bhodal art work exhibition @BHUJ in 1959
    October 21, 2010 by kutchitihasparisad
    Budhiben Gadhvi received a medal for her excellent art work. She was very popular in Chakar and surrounding villages for her “Rang Bhodal art work” and that’s why she was selected to represent her art work in Bhuj-exhibition held in 1959. She died in 2003



    Medal awarded to Budhiben Gadhvi for Rang bhodal art work exhibition @BHUJ in 1959

    Budhiben Gadhvi received a medal for her excellent art work. She was very popular in Chakar and surrounding villages for her “Rang Bhodal art work” and that’s why she was selected to represent her art work in Bhuj-exhibition held in 1959. She died in 2003

  38. Jay says:

    To type Kachchhi in Sanskrit (Devnagari) or Gujarati Script :


  39. Jay says:

    हेमंतभा जो मडे़ कच्छी माडुयेंके मार्गदर्शन
    A Very Good direction to all Kutchis by Shri Hemant Shah

  40. Jay Maheshwary says:

    In continuation of my above script,

    My own created KUTCHI SCRIPT having 35 letters are very easy to learn & any one can easily learn it as I have designed it the way it is like English.

    Because I have got them derived from greeko-latino letters which neither looks English nor Sanskrit or Devanagari because already many languages are available in Devanagari scripts in India.

    So I had decided to make our script some thing new & unique alphabets which should have beautification while writing. As I have given shape in that way to each letter, so that all letters can easily be fit on to Computer Keyboard also.

    I moves from right to left like Hindi or Gujarati & very few of words are similar to Gujarati & English just to maintain frequency while one writes any prose & it has not upper head line like Sanskrit.

    Please also consider my passion & inspiration which I want to share with Dr. Rajul Shah as well as all sophisticated persons to understand me & my KUTCH-SCRIPT for Kutchies to give rise our KUTCH-LAND.

    Jay Shri Krishna.

    Jay Maheshwary.

  41. Jay Maheshwary says:

    Dear All,

    It has been my dream since my teen age that we must have our own Kutchi Script.

    Since after a lot of efforts, I have symbolized 35 alphabets out of which 8 are vowels & 27 are consonants.

    I agree with Dr. Rajul Shah who has also invented Kutchi Script which is similar to Dholarvira & Indus Valley to some what as she visited different placed throughout Kutch district & she has really worked hard a lot to get it done which I appreciate her.

    To be very realistic, I have never ever visited above regions before in my life but what my invented script might be corresponding to Dholarvira & Indus Valley Civilization but not 100%.

    It is my deep love to our Kutchi art & culture that we belong to those ancestral people who have been a part of moen-jo-daro & harappan vedic cultured society.

    Since I saw Rajul Shah’s few of pictorial symbols which are also good efforts but I also want to request all of erudite & learned persons to look at my script as well if any one desires I can show them to test. As it is really co-incident that last year in Dec, 2009, I accomplished my script.

    For which I approached the King of Kutch – Maharao Prag Maljee & other educational institutes in Kutch District like in Gandhidam & Bhuj but I got no reply from non of them.

    One more thing, as I can not access directly to above higher authorities in Kutch-India. Because I live in Karachi- Pakistan & I belong to Kutchi Family & what I have made is to be requested to consider in favor of our Kutchi Communities to understand our real goal of culture, rituals, poetry, literatures & folk stories which in fact all should be written in our own script that could not be done in our past. During British era, possibly that our ancient script of Dholavira might be extinct which we should now revitalize it to present in front of world’s other scripts.

    So I make request to all of you to please keep my script along with Dr. Rajul Shah’s script & to compare to which one is better for our Kutchi progress.

    Best regards,
    Jay Maheshwary.

  42. http://www.bhatiacommunity.org – “A man is a bundle of relations, a knot of roots, whose flower and fruitage is the world.” “We all have a need to know where we came from and who we are”. “I love my family so much. To be a part of a family like mine is so divine where love is shown hurt is shared our love for each other is never impaired we talk, we laugh, we cry, but we are a family and we do it all together for as a family we do it all as one you hurt one you hurt all and as a family unit we will all stand tall for we are family a family full of strength a family full of love a family no one can touch that, s why I love my family so much.
    This site was created using for http://www.bhatiacommunity.org. This is a great system that allows anyone like you and I to create a site for their family and even publish their family tree on the Internet. If you have any comments or feedback about this site, If you wish to become a member too, please contact me by E-mail on bhatiacommunity@gmail.com.

  43. Sachin says:

    Interesting QA regards to Kutchi words and meaning :

    Lets See how much Kutchhi u know..? :

  44. Sachin says:

    Request for constitutional recognition for Kutchi language in “Kutchi Bhasha Sammelan”


  45. Sachin says:

    Kachchhi Language conference to be held in Bhuj
    more details at :



  46. Sachin says:

    This is a good Web site with lot of Information about Kutchi Language and Grammer with Translation from Kutchi To English and English to Kutchi.

    From the Author of KLO :

    Kutchi Language Online (KLO) is a cultural-retention project aimed at documenting the vocabulary, and syntax of the Kutchi language. By developing a unified source of information, KLO will be able to serve as a resource for those who wish to learn, relearn, or further investigate the nature of the Kutchi language.

    Web site :


  47. Jagdish says:

    Mr Aiya , i hope you read the part where it is mentioned that the script has got approval from Central govt and also from Shri Kutchi Dasha Oswal Jan Gnati Mahajan, Mumbai, Shree Mahavir Jain Charitra Kalyan, Ratnashram and Shree Kutchi Jan Sewa Samaj, Ahmedabad. Other approvals are in process , all suggestions are being considered, all Kutchis are welcome to contribute their thoughts and will be made known once complete.

    I would hope you understand that ALL kutchis want to have a script for the very reason that it would enable kutchis to communicate, learn effectively and also understand the local culture and literature in a much better way. There has been consistent demands from Kutchis wherever they may be living to revive the kutchi Script (which went extinct during british era) . There is also demand to have Kutchi History,Kavitas (poems) and Literature to be written in Kutchi script.

    This is also the precise reason that we have scripts for Gujarati ,Marathi,Tamil,Hindi,… which were all derived from Devanagri script (originally sanskrit). Imagine wirting gujarati in hindi and hindi in english. I hope you stop promoting use of kutchrati(mixture of kutchi and gujarati) or kutchindi(mixture of kutchi and hindi) or any other combination which does nothing but dilute and corrupt the unique Kutchi language.

    Dr Rajul Shah has taken the inspiration from script samples from Dholavira and other indus valley civilisations which had a similar script which was practically used in day to day life then.

    A script is VERY important part of preserving the Kutchi Culture,way of life and Literature as it is for other languages in India and Elsewhere in the world.

  48. rajiv aiya says:

    Dear sir, The kutchi script copyrighed is just a publicity stunt. You can copyright anything in this country even your personnell logo which can be done by spending few rupees. No authores have been taken in confidence or even kutchi sahitya akadami, which is current body for representing Kutchi Literature and run by Govt. Gujarat. She over ruled everything. Many of the welknown authores who has spent their life for Kutchi Literature are even not taken in to account then who is going to use this script ? By taking copyright you want to sell it to Kutchies ? Nothing is clear except the fact that Duniya Zukti Hai, Zukanevala Chahiye.
    We still feel that gujarati is the best script for kutchi which is very much popular and known to all. Kutch is a part of Gujarat and dreaming about teaching kutchi in some new unkown scipt to all is just fantasy and is not at all practicle thing.
    Oveall it looks like big publicity stunt or wrong presentation of teh thing guided by some foolish people.

    Best of luck

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