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Kutchi Language gets script

Kutchi has been around for ages, passed down the generations by the spoken word. It’s current in one-third of the state, given the size of Kutch, but had to rely on Gujarati for written communication. Till an ingenious Kutchi, Dr Rajul Shah, perfected land’s very first written script.

Shah’s script has received approval from the copyrights office in New Delhi. The next step is underway, which is to get the nod from the Central government which takes about eight months to come.

Her work has also won the favour of influential Kutchi communities such as the Shri Kutchi Dasha Oswal Jan Gnati Mahajan, Mumbai, Shree Mahavir Jain Charitra Kalyan, Ratnashram and Shree Kutchi Jan Sewa Samaj, Ahmedabad.

Dr Shah, an ayurvedic doctor, psychologist and a graphologist, studied Kutch extensively and in great detail to devise a new writing system. Now, she is ready with it. Says Shah, “I was always bothered by the fact that my land never had a script. I wanted it to have one.



  1. Dilipkumar Govindji says:

    Congrats Dr Rajulji for the findings of Dholavira Kachchhi Lipi. And than just seen your new invention of Kutchi script. It’s fine and looks good, appreciate your effort. My question is why can’t we use the Sanskrit alphabets which is the mother of all languages. Infact the language of this earth planet, God’s language and first language. Your findings are an asset to the Kutchi community worldwide so why can you not adjust every letter of Dholavira Kachchhi lipi adjacent to Sanskrit alphabets. As time have moved on words/letters/numbers have shaped up to accommodate from time to time. As spoken numbers and words are already in existence which can be adjusted with the Sanskrit language. No doubt your findings are of enormous courage and strength to invent new script. How will that digest and accommodate practically in every from tiny toddler to the adult human being.

  2. Navin says:

    It was just publicity stunt.
    I have to use these words because Rajulben is not believes that she has to involve the Kutchi Authors or Kutchi Language Scholars in “Her Research”.
    Her script is like some Chinese Letters. Basically she is “Calligraphy” Artist. Her script is of no use since Govt. of Gujarat and Govt. of India recognized “Gujarati Script” as Basic Script for Kutchi. However, some characters can be added or deleted from that since Kutchi requires some “Instinct” special characters to pronounce certain words.
    This must be now considered as “CLOSE CASE” and I request all Media People to remove All work of Rajulben about so called Kutchi Script from their platform.

  3. Tanvir Raza Khira says:

    आऊँ अघ्यारो बारो धोरणजे भणतरजा शब्द भनाईन डिंधोस

  4. thank u for all the co opretion

  5. Jay says:
    about Kachchhi scripts invention . Reference : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kutch-calling-to-all-kutchi-people/

  6. nirav shah says:

    you have gone good work …

  7. Jay says:

    कच्छी लिपी जे बारेमे वधारे माहिती :


  8. Jay says:

    अईं चॉयोता ही १००% सच्ची गाल आय. मुंके हॅडो लगॅतो के पांजा माडू दबाणमे अचीने घणें वार बई भासा बोलेला लगेंता. आंऊं पंढ कच्छ वॅंधल ट्रेन मे हनके अनुभव क्यो आय. १० थी १२ जणें जो ग्रूप मूंजे सीटजे बाजुमे हो. ही लगभग मडे जणा ज्या सुधी अमदावाद ना आयो त्या सूधी गुजराती मे गाल क्योंते. ने जीं भोज नजीक आयोते तीं कच्छी बोलेला लगा.

    जित संप आय तित सणियात आय. पां मिंणी कच्छी यें के ही समजी करे जीवेजो आय के पां कच्छी पॅला अयुं ने पोय पांजी जाती ने धर्म अचॅतो . जे कच्छी नता बोलें हु कच्छी न चॉवाजें . जे पंढजी मातृभासा कच्छी के छढेने गुजराती घरमे ने बार कच्छीयें साथे बोलेंता हु व्यक्ति पंढजो ने कच्छ जो अपमान करीयें ता.

    असांजी मिणीं कच्छी से दरखास्त के वियांजी कंकोत्री थी करेने समाज जी पत्रिका , वॅब साईट,.. मिणी ठेकाणे कच्छी जोज ऊपयोग कर्यो . केन प व्यक्ति के बई प्रजा जे दबाण मे न अचॉ . जतरो थीयॅ अतरो कच्छी मेज बोलॉ.

    जात ने धर्म के वधारे महत्व दने वघर कच्छी भासाने संस्कृति के वधायमे तन मन धन थी योगदान द्यॉ .

    जय माताजी !
    जय कच्छ !

    पांजा माडू पांजी कच्छी पांजो कच्छ

  9. Chirag says:

    Hi All,
    Its very shameful that we have lost our writing and adopted Gujarati. More over we do not have existance other communities dont know us kutchis they consider and count us with Gujaratis. But our living style and thinkings have vast difference than Gujaratis.
    Its all because some of our kutchis themselves speck in Gujarati, even in our kutchi programms anouncements are done in Gujarati – are we ashamed of our Mother tounge? and more over our Maharajsaheb also. There is only one day in Parushan we is possible have session of Kutchi Vyakhan. I Question is Kutchi vyakhan anything differenct? Why cant we all create a awerness on our Kutchi speaking? I am afraid, slowly it will also get over.
    Garv aae muke Kutchi the jo, Aau Kutchi ane Kutch mujho gam.

  10. Jay says:

    कच्छी भासा ने संस्कृति के वधायला कच्छ यूनिवर्सिटी द्वारा कच्छी चॅर जी स्थापना केमे आवई आय. वधारे डीटेल्स ला करे नेर्यो : http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report_new-chair-to-promote-kutchi-culture-in-gujarat_1673580

  11. Jay says:
    Dr Rajul Shah with Dholavira based Kachchhi Lipi (script)

  12. ashwin says:

    According many people in Kutch before british rule Devnagari lipi was the script used to write Kachchhi and infact even Gujarati was written in Devnagari lipi till the 19th century. It is only in last 150 yrs or so that the current Gujarati script (derived from devnagari script) has been used to write Gujarati (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gujarati_script)

  13. Jay says:

    Dr Rajul shah ji Kachchhi lipi hen site te aun thoda mena pela nerai hoyi :

    Hi site hevar tah offline aay.

    Dr Rajul Shah ke eniji bhanayli lipi (dholavira jedi lipi) ke web site te copy kai khape jense Kachchhi maaduen ke lipi ke janejo moko male.


  14. Jogesh says:

    Could you kindly let me know which topic or site shows the Kutchhi lipi

  15. Ashwin says:

    It seems Kutchi script has gone through various phases like :

    Dholavira lipi(script) to Sanskrit lipi(fully developed and rich) to Devnagari lipi (part of Sanskrit lipi ) to Khojki lipi (for short time in history) to Devnagari lipi and Gujarati lipi (both subsets or derived from Sanskrit lipi) as currently.

    It seems Dholavira script and Sanskrit (devanagari) script are the true scripts of Kutchi Language. Also one more important part is nobody can claim that this is their unique script which is not the case with Gujarati script since it is specific for Gujarati Language .

    Gujarati script hi gujarati bhasha ji lipi aay hi Kutchi lipi na chovaje. Panke Sanskrit (devnagari) lipi ane Dholavira lipi joj upyog kyo khape edo mujo vichar aay.

    Jai Kutch ! Jai Hind!

  16. Jay says:

    To type Kachchhi in Sanskrit (Devnagari) or Gujarati Script :


  17. Hello. I am writing to inform you that a Kutchi Wikipedia has just been started. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that you can edit, and there have been Wikipedias in many languages, such as English, Hindi, Sindhi and Gujarati.

    We wish for your help in making the Kutchi Wikipedia as successful as those. We hope that this will help preserve the unique and special language and culture of Kutch.

    You can access the Kutchi Wikipedia at http://incubator.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wp/kfr/Main_Page

    Many thanks for your time, and we hope you can help.

  18. Jay says:

    Hiteshbhai ,
    You could write sms,text message for wedding best wishes in kutchi like

    Aan boyke viyaan ji vadhayun ane aanji jindhgi mein sokh, samrudhhi hamesha re

    Not come across any sms site for the same, hope you find the above useful


  19. Jay says:

    Pratiksha ,
    You could start by going to the below web site which has lot of Information about Kutchi Language and Grammer with Translation from Kutchi To English and English to Kutchi.


    Although few of the words are gujarati , you could relearn them once you are at a intermediate level.

    Best option to learn to speak fluently woud be to get involved in the local Kutchi community and the related events , hopefully there should be one where you live since Kachchhis are now spread out globally.

    Also below link has list of Kutchi Words with English meaning:


    In additon the following blog has a informative discussion regards to Kutchi words :


    I have not come across any books for learning Kachchhi but i am sure there would be something available which would be helpful for the same.

  20. Hitesh Mehta says:


    i want to write sms for wedding congratulation in kutchi language, so pls. can you help me , how i can get , or have any website for sms in kutchi lang. ?

  21. Pratiksha Gada says:


    I want to learn speaking kachhi language , can u plz suggest me some books where I can read sentences.

  22. Jogesh Asar says:

    Very exciting and innovative. If I am not mistaken, when I was in Kutch somewhere back in 1965-73 I had come across one of the issues of Akhand Anand (which I was very fond of reading) in Mundra, It had an article on the Kutchi lippi (script / alphabet). It was however mentioned that due to time the script lost its usage and they had printed what alphabets were available. Maybe if someone was to dig into the literature treasure at Akhand Anand (I don’t know if it’s bring printed now) would answer some questions and the type of fonts used.
    World is progressing and we KUTCHHIS need to have our own identity with our own language. Please do not create issues but let’s come closer to each other and bring development. The Britishers during the Indian Raj had proved the saying right: “United we stand, Divided we FALL”. By this saying put in practice just a handful of Britishers ruled over India for years.
    So I have to say” Panke Jagda Kareji jaroor naye, paan bhamaru anyu, halo Paan panjo Kachdo jagrut karje!”

  23. Anand says:

    This is very good Kutchi gets a script. But we had the Khojki script before for our language, so shouldn’t we revive it instead?

    Also, we know Gujarati script but learning a new script takes a long time. That will unfortunately be the problem. Best of luck though.

  24. Jagdish says:

    Dear Navinbhai,
    I am too not in favor of having a new script developed from scratch. However there needs to be a customisation of devnagari script with the addition of few alpabets or atleast a few matras ,… which would give Kutchi writers enough options to express the various sounds and tones unique to Kutchi language . The current Devnagari script(Sanskrit script) and Gujarati script fall short in many occasions to accomplish the same.The same constraints have been mentioned time and again by prominent Kutchi writers and leading Kutchi personalities.

    So including the few new alphabets and matras the new script would still be 90 to 95% similar to Devnagari script just like Gujarati and Marathi are .This can only be achieved if all the various sub communities come together and form a consensus to adopt the new enhanced script . Dr Rajul shahs script cannot be used primarily since it would be difficult to learn and gain acceptability.But can be used symbolically for now (Since it is similar to dholavira script which is Kutchi heritage), that is only if it has no copyright issues whatsoever.

    Jai Kutch! Jai Hind!!!

  25. navin says:

    Dear Jagdishbhai,
    I think that I have put some wrong wording or you are caught in the middle ! My comments are online and I wonder where mumbai Bhai language comes in it ? Is it in someone’s mind ? pls. comment. I have try to give my opinion on your comments and that’s why this reply box is there in this site. Why r u taking it so personnel ? Have u seen the script ? It is like some picture script (? – only pictures may be and no script !) used by cave people. When there is Gujarati and Devnagari (as a secondary choice) avilable and Gujarati script is used in most of the Kutchi Literature today, where is the need of new script ? If u think it is innovative of fabulous then why not try to make public among the Kutchies if it for Kutchies ? Why copyright ? who will copy it – kutchi people only – Right ! then copyright for Kutchi People ?
    I must tell u jagdishbhai there are some hidden brain behind these whole picture and they have nothing to with Kutchi language or script. They must be laughing at us sitting in wrong corner. But, we have to reply them strongly. No one try to make such a publicity for these type of things. Think…. Think… If u still feel I an wrong. OK I am ending my discussions here.

    Regards. sorru if u feel wrong.

  26. Jagdish says:

    This is concrete proof of the very good and encouraging quote from Shri Kirtibhai Khatri as mentioned on Indian Express web site :


    my suggestion to all readers to please ignore negative and sabotaging comments like example from navin above . My sincere request to all of us irrespective of which caste we may belong is we all Kutchis should actively engage and collaborate in development of a unique, easily acceptable and truly useful script to enrich our mother language and literature

    Jai Kutch! Jai Hind!!!

  27. Jagdish says:

    Navin (or whoever you are) it seems you are more concerned about trying to scare myself , Dr Rajul Shah and probably Shri Kiritbhai as well rather than trying to provide anything positive regards to the Kutchi script development. You are also trying to use a mumbai Bhai language to convey your message rather than any intellectual thought ( i can use similar language but that would not be productive in any way to the task we have at hand).

    Please read carefully what i have mentioned and then comment after that. Nowwhere have i mentioned in my comment anything related to Dr Rajul Shahs script . I have just mentioned that we should be using a enhanced variation of Sanskrit script for Kutchi like many other more popular languages in India so that it is easy to adapt, accept and also fulfills the gap of expressing kutchi words fully where other language scripts fall short.

    Also do not try to insult the 12th century people as one of the them would be your ancestors since Dholavira is scientifically proven to be a planned town atleast 3000 to 4000 yrs old which was one of the most modern during those times and had NO similarity to cave people.

    In my above comment i have clearly stated what “My Opinion” (starts with My opinion is to have …..) is and what Shri Kiritbhai has quoted(starts with Without its own script… and ends with …single umbrella) exactly without any changes whatsoever. Do not try to create trouble by misquoting and twisting what is written clearly and is with out any contradiction. If the quote is not what Kiritbhai has mentioned please provide a link or any credible proof that this is untrue and if found i would request the quote to be removed from my comment and i would still agree to what is written.

    Jai Kutch! Jai Hind!

  28. navin says:

    Jai Kutch !
    Jagdish has posted an opinion of Shri Kirtibhai Khatri regarding in connection with Rajul Shah’s “INVENTION”. I wonder whether these two have any connection ? You can not use quotes of the editor of biggest kutchi newspaper Kutchmitra and President of Kutchi Sahitya Academy as if you wants it. Rajul Shah’s script is based on 12th century symbolic type language which was used in 12th century by Cave People. It has not been developed with any assistance or guidance or advice from present Kutchi Sahityakars and Poets. She is just expert in calligraphy and has no connection with Kutchi Literature.
    Apart from that she has take COPYRIGHTs of these script means you have to use it only after paying royalty. It has been opposed by most of the Kutchi Sahityakar I have met. Mysteriously only “Mangal Mandir” is promoting it. It was opposed at Seminar recently held at Bhuj of KSP with National Sahitya Academy. I am sending your comments to Shri Kirtibhai Katri so that he can come to know how people are using his words.
    Admire Kutchi but please do not just follow the media news for your comments, it has great values. Don’t misguide if you can not show the path.

  29. Jagdish says:

    This is what Kirtibhai Khatri, president of KSA and editor of the vernacular Kutchmitra has to say :

    Without its own script, Kutchi has been widely written in the Gujarati script. No wonder then that despite the rich cultural heritage and past, Kutchi literature is very small in comparison The problem with Kutchi, spoken by various communities, including the Darbar, Rajput, Rabari, Oswal and Memon, is that there are many sounds that don’t find expression in languages like Sindhi and Gujarati. “Sounds like ahm, bhm and mu don’t exist in Gujarati or Sindhi. There are several hundred sounds that don’t have a corresponding alphabet or word in the Gujarati script, restricting the expression and meaning of the word or phrase,” says Kirti Khatri, president of KSA and editor of the vernacular Kutchmitra. “Though research has been done to develop a script, these are scattered. The KSA wants to bring all the research and scholars under a single umbrella.”

    My opinion is to have Kutchi script similar to Sanskrit Script since most scripts for languages like hindi, marathi, gujarati,…. have been derived from Sanskrit script (i.e. devnagari script as known now) . Also this would easy and quick to accept.

    Also more importantly Sanskrit was developed during Vedic era and Kutch (dholavira for example) was part of the vedic civilisation as per proven research so it is like reinventing the Sanskrit script for kutchi which infact would belong to kutch originally. Also some alphabets could be customised (like was done for gujarati,marathi,…) for Kachchhi script to accurately express the tones which are unique to Kutchi Language.

    Jai Kutch! Jai Hind!

  30. Sachin says:

    Examination of Kutchi language was held on 108 centers in Kutch by an organization named ‘Kutchi Sahitya Kala Sangh’, Nakhatran-Kutch. ‘Kutchi Pathavali – 1’ by Mr. Narayan Joshi, a veteran Kutchi writer is the text-book for the test of Kutchi language for this exam

    Read more at :

  31. Jay says:

    The very fact that Kutchi Language is unique in the way its spoken demands a separate script of its own. Devnagari and Gujarati scripts maybe useful ocassionally but they are not flexible enough for writers to express the unique kutchi tones and verbs.

    It seems the best option is to have a Kutchi version of Sanskrit script (i.e. Devnagari Script) similar to how Hindi,Marathi and Gujarati scripts were derived from Sanskrit script and are 95% similar. The Kutchi version could have some of its own few alphabets to take into account the various unique tones of Kachchhi Language as its spoken in Kutch. This script will be easy to adapt since it will be similar to known scripts of Hindi,Marathi and Gujarati and can be used for all purposes including literature.

    Dholavira script by Dr Rajul Shah is relevant from Kutch heritage point of view and can be used as a secondary script wherever needed . Like For ex Sindhi is written in Devnagari and Urdu scripts.

  32. Sachin says:

    This is a good Web site with lot of Information about Kutchi Language and Grammer with Translation from Kutchi To English and English to Kutchi.

    From the Author of KLO :

    Kutchi Language Online (KLO) is a cultural-retention project aimed at documenting the vocabulary, and syntax of the Kutchi language. By developing a unified source of information, KLO will be able to serve as a resource for those who wish to learn, relearn, or further investigate the nature of the Kutchi language.

    Web site :


  33. Ashwin says:

    Dual script can be used. One would be to use Devnagari script (i.e. Sanskrit script) used in most languages like Hindi,Marathi, Gujarati,… and second would be use Dholavira inspired script as devised by Dr Rajul Shah with improvisations suggested by All Kachchhi Communities.

  34. Dr.Rajul Shah inventer of script says:

    thankyou very much

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