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कच्छी कविताजी हरिफाई Kachchhi (Kutchi) Poetry Competition 2019

कच्छी साहित्यकार अने लेखक ला नि:शुल्क ओनलाइन कविताजी हरिफाईहणे चालु आय

कच्छजे साहित्यकार के प्रोत्साहन देला, कच्छी कविताजी हरिफाई मळे 15 वरे जे मथे जा भारतीय ला निःशुल्क आय

2019 में, कच्छी कविताजी हरिफाई द्वारा नवे कविएँ जा सपना अने उमेद पुरी करेजो ध्येय आय. असी विविधता के पारख्युंत तथा दरेक प्रकारजी लखावट अने विषयजी कविता के आवकायुंता।

असीं मन्युंताक दरेक कविता पंढमें नोखी आय अईं हनजी सरस रचनाजा धणी अयो.

आंजी कविता हरिफाईमें अजज हलायो!

पेलो ईनाम – रू. 10,000/- (डो हजार)
ब्यो ईनाम – रू. 5,000/- (पंज हजार)
त्र्यो ईनाम – रू. 3,000/- (त्रे हजार)

हरिफाई हलायजी छेल्ली तारीख – 31 जुलाई 2019.

पसंद करायेली जीतेलियुं कविताउं जाहेर करेमें अचींघ्युं अने पुस्तकरूपे प्रकाशित थींध्युं। प्रकाशित कविएंके छपेली चोपडी प्राप्त थींधी।

दरेक भाग घनधल कविके यात्रता भाग घनेजो प्रमाणपत्र मालधो।

Kachchhi Kavita Sahitya Competition
This is to inform you, that the Kutchi Poetry Competition is open for entries. We would like to invite all eligible participants to submit poems online. In a way to encourage Kutchi writers, the Kutchi Poetry Competition is free for all Indians above the age of 15.   

In 2019, the competition aims to fulfil dreams and aspirations of budding poets from around India. We appreciate diversity and accept all styles and themes of poetry. We believe every poem is unique and you are the master of that beautiful creation.

1st Prize – INR 10,000/-

2nd Prize – INR 5,000/-

3rd Prize – INR 3,000/-


Last date to Submit – 31st July 2019
Poems must be in Kutchi
Submission may be done in any script – Devnagiri or Gujarati.
The competition is open to Indian nationals.
You must be 15 years and above.
Poem should be original work of the participant.
Any length and style of poetry is accepted.
Previously published (online or physical) poems are NOT allowed.
Poems must be unpublished
Beginners are encouraged to participate.
Copyright of the poem remains with the author and the competition.
Poem may be accompanied with an optional translation in English, Gujarati or Hindi.
Multiple Entries are allowed. Only one poem per author will be considered for the prize.

Top Poems will be selected, announced and published as a book. Published poets will receive a copy of the book. Certificate of merit will be emailed to all participants.

Submit on:


We would be honoured to receive your work and participation.

Thank You,
Team Kutchi Sahitya

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