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Kutchi Sweet:Godpapdi

Sweet Godpapdi with a Kutchi touch


  • 500 gm wheat flour
  • 250 gm ghee
  • 250 gm jaggery cut into small pieces
  • Dryfruits For Garnishing.


  • Heat ghee in  thick vessel & roast flour on low heat  till golden brown. keep stirring.
  • When done  add soft jaggery to it.
  • keep stirring ,after few seconds remove the vessel from heat. stir till god(jaggery) melts and mixes properly with flour.
  • When done invert it in plate that is properly greased with ghee.
  • Level it using flat-based bowl.
  • Garnish it with aniseeds or dry fruits.
  • Cut into square pieces before it cools.
  • Tip : This is healthy for winter season.You can add gund(gunder or edible gum)that is fried in ghee and then little bit crushed with the bottom of a bowl and add to godpapdi while mixing god to the flour.

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    1. kejal dedhia says:

      very good work ,i like it very much! kutchi maadu jo medawado rocks!!!

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