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Kutchi Recipe : Lapai

Lapai (Laapsi) :

A delicious sweet made with broken wheat.It will nourish you with energy, protein and iron.In Kutchi we call it “Daare jo seero or Lapai”.

Ingredients :

1 cup broken wheat (bulgar /cracked wheat/daaro )

1 cup gud

3-4 cups  water

1/2 cup Ghee

1 tbsp. Cardamom powder(elaichi)

Kaju (cashews)and Kismis(raisins), Badam (almond slivers)

Method :

1. Heat 3-4 cups of water with gud in it .Stir in between till it boils .

2. Heat the ghee in a heavy bottom  pan and roast the broken wheat on  medium- low flame , stirring continuously till you will see the color of the wheat change from pale brown to a reddish brown.

3. Slowly add the gud water in broken wheat and increase the flame till you see the water is bubbling.Then reduce the flame .Cover the pan with lid and let it cook,stirring ocasionally till the wheat is done.

4. It will may take 25-30 minutes to cook.Add elaichi powder and let it cook till the ghee seperates.You will see that wheat has soaked up all the water and looks nice and fluffy.When Ghee appears in side of pan then turn off the flame.

5.Garnish with kaju ,almonds and kismis .

This exotic dish needs patience but its worth it.

Tip :

1.You can substitute gud with sugar (same proportion).

2.You can make lapai in pressure cooker to make it quick but the taste will be little bit different than the authentic one.

Pressure cook Lapai : rest of the method is same till you add gud water to broken wheat.After that keep that Lapai in pressure cooker as you cook other food.Allow to whistle for 6-7 times.Let it cool.And Garnish with nuts.

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