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Sports in Kutch

The interest in various type of sports has been significantly increasing in Kachchh. Recently there have been various tournaments especially related to cricket organised in various cities in Kachchh. Simultaneously there has been increase in participation by kachchhis in swimming,badminton,chess and car rallies. In this post and comments we intend to provide details related to various sports associations, facilities and tournaments.

To start with following is the web site for Kutch Premier League which has all the details about Teams,Venues, Schedules and more:

Also Kutch Infrastructure Development Society (KIDS) which aims to organize various events and activities related to adventure sports and tourism has its web site at http://kidsoc.in/index.html .
Sports Clubs : Bhuj Gym Khana Sports Centre ,Near PPC Club, Ganshyam Nagar .
Kutch District Badminton Club, Oslo Road,Gandhidham.
More details at : http://kutchshopping.com/leftmenu/infrastructure/entertainment/sc/sc.html
To buy any sports related equipment you could try the following shops :
If you come across any details regards to sports activities in Kutch feel free to post your comments here.


  1. Patel viplav says:

    I want to join a club only for chess..
    Plz sent me details of fees and timings..

  2. Parag Rudani says:

    i want to join cricket club in kutch.

  3. Dhruvraj Ataliya says:

    I want to join a club only for chess..
    Plz sent me details of fees and timings..

  4. yash parmar says:

    i am paly only cricket

  5. Jay says:

    Kachchhi cricket league 2013 . Vadhare mahiti la neryo :


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