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Desi Websites in US,Canada

US,Canada mein Desi community etle India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka , Bangladesh ane Nepal ja maadu. Enme Afghani,Irani ane Myanmar vaara pan amuk vaar ghane mein ajeinta. Niche desi web sites je popularly used aein enjo list aaye :


  1. Kripanshu Vora says:

    Am kutchhi base Samagoga.got admission in her zing college Montreal Canada.am searching room for stay.please help me.

  2. Jay says:

    Kien Ayoh Dilipbhai,
    Facebook te aanke vadhare details maldha Kachchhis in Canada search karindha tah. Boh link niche lakhantoh :



    Panjha Maadu Panjhi Kachchhi Panjho Kachchh

  3. Dilipkumar says:

    Au kutchi ayiya ane kutchi vise mahiti gotdho hose. Canada me panja kutchi ayi? Au Toronto me ranto. Anke ki information hue ta please share karyo.

    Jai Kutch. Jai Kutchi madu.


  4. Mick says:

    Thanks for the list, can we please update it with this site as well –


  5. Karishma says:

    Amazing Website

    I found many things like updated articles, news, entertainment and Daily Deals..

  6. Karishma says:


    I found community touch on this site…

    updated articles, Deals, entertainment and many more…


  7. dhwanil says:

    http://www.sandhira.com is a south asian community portal offering daily needs of south asians community including daily deals, events, entertainment, movie reviews, festival details, recipes, places of worship, organizations, business listings, deals and much more.. sandhira connects all desis living in US and Canada under one roof.

  8. Jay says:

    Kien Ayo Jayeshbha,
    US mein KutchiSamaj ji staphna tah ana nay thai jyan sudhi asanke mahiti aay. Kachchhi Samaj ji jaroor tah gadein aay jeda made Kachchhi pendje caste, dharm ke vadhare dhyan dene vegar medavo kare sage. Oswal samaj US mein active aay aein http://orkut.kvoss.org te vani ne mahiti gane ji koshish kae sagotah.

    Jai Kachchh

    KutchiMaadu Team
    Panja Maadu Panji Kachchhi Panjo Kachchh

  9. Jayesh Sanghvi says:

    Hello,I & My wife are planning to visit U.S.A.(New York & Boston)on 11th of Octo.2013.I want to know that is there a facility of lodging in Kutchisamaj or in Oswal samaj because as we are jain we love to stay there.Thanks.

  10. Dhruv says:

    The best website I found on web http://www.sandhira.com

  11. Anir says:

    http://www.desiheaven.com desi yellow pages and jobs classified website


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