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Kutch Quiz 2

Refresh and test your knowledge about Kutch .
For Kutch Quiz 1 : click Kutch Quiz 1

(scroll down for correct answers)

1. Which Kutchi writer has written the famous Kutchi patriotic song ‘Munjhi Matrubhoomi Ke Naman’

a. Narayan Joshi
b. Mahatma Niranjan
c. Madhav Joshi
d. Kavi Tej

2. Which of the below birds are found in Kutch

a. Chestnut bellied Sandgrouse
b. Steppe Eagle
c. Eurasian Marsh Harrier
d. Eurasian Spoonbill

3.Which month is the Hajipir Fair in Kutch celebrated

a. September
b. August
c. April
d. January


माडी तोझी मानी : कच्छी गीत

मिणियां मूंके मिठी लगेती माडी तोझी मानी
माडी तोझी मानी में तां जोबन जोम जुवानी ….. मिणियां
धींगी कच्छडेजी धरती, धींगी बाजरजी मानी
धींगा तोजा हथडा माडी , धींगो कच्छी पाणी …… मिणियां
मेमाणें के मेमानीमें मान ज डींधल मानी
देवेंके पण दुरलभ एडो दान ज तोजो दानी …… मिणियां
माडी तोजे हथजी मानी , मुंजी इज कमाणी,
‘काराणी’ चे अमरत जेडी, मिठडी माजी मानी …… मिणियां
: कवी दुलेराय काराणी

मुंझी मातृभुमि के नमन!

Aay Valo Asanjo Vatan, Munji Matrubhoomi ke Naman………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kutchi WebSites

Kutchi websites gane made aein enmeja thodi je popular aein se niche lakhantoh :







Kutchi Language gets script

Kutchi has been around for ages, passed down the generations by the spoken word. It’s current in one-third of the state, given the size of Kutch, but had to rely on Gujarati for written communication. Till an ingenious Kutchi, Dr Rajul Shah, perfected land’s very first written script.

Shah’s script has received approval from the copyrights office in New Delhi. The next step is underway, which is to get the nod from the Central government which takes about eight months to come.

Her work has also won the favour of influential Kutchi communities such as the Shri Kutchi Dasha Oswal Jan Gnati Mahajan, Mumbai, Shree Mahavir Jain Charitra Kalyan, Ratnashram and Shree Kutchi Jan Sewa Samaj, Ahmedabad.

Dr Shah, an ayurvedic doctor, psychologist and a graphologist, studied Kutch extensively and in great detail to devise a new writing system. Now, she is ready with it. Says Shah, “I was always bothered by the fact that my land never had a script. I wanted it to have one.


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