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Hi all and any Samosa recipe?

Hi all

Just saw this site and looking around.  Wanted to say Hi to all.

OK, let me start with one, no two questions; (if it is not rude to start with questions/requests)

1  In last 35 years, probably have had 6 samosas they way they make in Bhuj.  Here it is mostly potetoes and vegetables.  Any one knows either where I can get in London or the recipe?

2  Any one knows where to get the song ‘na chhadiyan hathiyar mulubha cheto na chhadiyan hathiyar’.

Cheers all



  1. Narendra says:

    Hi Jay

    Thank you very much for your response. I do have those when I come to India and Kutch. The song is pretty old, could not find it any where so was wondering any one else knew where to get it, that is all.

    Thanks again


  2. Jay says:
    नरेंद्रभा लंदन में त आंउ रयो नइंया पर आंउ भोज जे समोसे जी रेसिपी अने आंजो डनेलो गीत गोते जी पूरी कॉसिस करिंधोसें | आं वटे गीत जी कीं पण डीटेल हुए त जणाइजा |
    Narendrabha london mein ta aun ryo naiyan par bhoj je samose ji recipe ane aanjho geet gote ji puri koshish karidhosein . aan vate geet ji kein pan detail huye ta janaija .

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