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Kutchi Recipe : Khajurpak

Ingredients :

200 gm Khajur

2-3 tsp Ghee

50 gm Dryfruit (chopped Kaju,Badam,Pista)

1 tbsp Til (optional)

1 tsp Ginger powder(optional)

2 tbsp Gund (edible gum)(optional)

Method :

First deseed and chop Khajur into very small pieces.Heat ghee in a thick pan.Put khajur in a pan. Stir and smash with spoon  till khajur becomes very soft . After 5-10 min. as per your choice add dryfruits ,til ,ginger pwd. and mix it well.Now transfer the mixture on greased surface or thali.Spread it evenely with spoon or greased flat bottom bowl.let it cool down for 5 -10 min.cut into diamond shape .Enjoy your  nutritious snack.

Tip :If you want to use gund fry raw gund in ghee and crush it with the bottom of flat bowl and mix it while mixing other things in kahjur.

Variation: Instead of diamond shape ,sometimes you can make small rolls of khajur when its little warm and then roll over on finely grated coconut powder.

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